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Braintrust is the enterprise-grade stack for building AI products. From evaluations, to logging, to prompt playground, to data management, we take uncertainty and tedium out of incorporating AI into your business.

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Ship on more than just vibes

Evaluate non-deterministic LLM applications without guesswork and get from prototype to production faster.


We make it extremely easy to score, log, and visualize outputs. Interrogate failures; track performance over time; instantly answer questions like “which examples regressed when I made a change?”, and “what happens if I try this new model?”



Capture production and staging data with the same code and UI as your evals. Run online evals, capture user feedback, debug issues, and most importantly, find interesting cases to run your evals on.

DocsLogs UI

Prompt playground

Compare multiple prompts, benchmarks, respective input/output pairs between runs. Tinker ephemerally, or turn your draft into an experiment to evaluate over a large dataset.

Prompt playground

Continuous integration

Compare new experiments to production before you ship.


Access the world's best AI models with a single API, including all of OpenAI's models, Anthropic models, LLaMa 2, Mistral, and others, with caching, API key management, load balancing, and more built in.



Easily capture rated examples from staging & production, evaluate them, and incorporate them into “golden” datasets. Datasets reside in your cloud and are automatically versioned, so you can evolve them without risk of breaking evaluations that depend on them.

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Human review

Integrate human feedback from end users, subject matter experts, and product teams in one place.

Join industry leaders

Braintrust fills the missing (and critical!) gap of evaluating non-deterministic AI systems. We've used it to successfully measure and improve our AI-first products.
Mike Knoop
Mike Knoop
Co-founder/Head of AI, Zapier
Testing in production is painfully familiar to many AI engineers developing with LLMs. Braintrust finally brings end-to-end testing to AI products, helping companies produce meaningful quality metrics.
Michele Catasta
Michele Catasta
VP of AI, Replit
After a simple integration, Braintrust has become essential to our AI development process and helps us ensure that our products constantly improve through observability & evaluation.
Raghav Sethi
Raghav Sethi
Eng. Manager, AI, Airtable
We're now using Braintrust to monitor prompt quality over time, and to evaluate whether one prompt or model is better than another. It's made it easy to turn iteration and optimization into a science.
David Kossnick
David Kossnick
Head of AI Product, Coda

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